Santa Maria Navarrese Baunei Sardinia Ogliastra

Santa maria Navarrese is a village situated in the middle of the East coast of Sardinia

The territory

Santa Maria Navarrese Baunei Sardinia Ogliastra

The territory of Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese, wedged between sea and mountain, offers a vast array of unique landscapes. A paradise of remarkable beauty situated along the eastern side of Sardinia, where nature is at its best. The coasts of Baunei is splendid oases set between sea and rock, rugged nature to dazzle us with some of the most fascinating marine landscapes of the Mediterranean. Leaving from the north we encounter the renowned coves of Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriala, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzé, accessible only by boat or on foot. Moreover Baunei’s territory is extremely interesting from points of view naturalistic and environmental: (karstic valleys, a basalt plateau in Golgo with Su Sterru, Europe’s deepest abyss, Margine, also a karstic plateau, and a coast with the highest cliffs of the Mediterranean Sea).

der Stränd von Santa Maria Navarrese

die mittelalterlichen Kirche von Santa Maria Navarrese

die Spitze von Pedralonga

der Stränd von Cala Goloritzé

der Stränd von Cala Mariolu

Santa Maria Navarrese

Own its name to the church built in 1052 It seems that the building of the church is due to a …… made by the princess of Navarra who survived a shipwreck near the “Monti Insani” now Monte Santo.The features of the village are the green of the age-old oil-trees that dye the square, the white of the ancient church and the grey of the Spanish Tower on guard of the bay. The town offers all kinds of amenities that tourists require. One of them is the modern tourist harbour set in marvellous surroundings.

The territory of Baunei

The territory of Baunei, on the East cost of Sardinia is part of the new Provincia dell’Ogliastra. Baunei is placed on a limestone at 480 metres height from the sea level, and is by the SS 125 (Orientale Sarda). The hamlet of Santa Maria Navarrese is placed by the sea, at about 8 km from Baunei. The entire territory of Ogliastra is about 216 kmq and the 35 km from Santa maria to Cala luna offer an enchanting and uncontaminated strech of cost.

Santa Maria Navarrese Baunei Sardinia Ogliastra

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